Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords

Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords

There are many ways and tools to help you promote your business online and our followers are often asking us about which one is better. The truth is that you don’t need to choose only one, most of them work better together, just like Facebook ads and Google AdWords, the two biggest online advertising platforms.


Also, regardless of the statistics,  there is no certain way of knowing which one works better for your unique business, unless you test it and find out. If you noticed that the Facebook Ads hasn’t given you all the clients you were hoping for in the last few months, you can switch to Google Ads and target a specific audience, created by people that are interested in and have specifically searched for your area of business.

If you are just starting off now, and you really want to only start with one of them, deciding which one could be confusing. Here are some criterions to take into consideration when you make this decision:

Targeting on Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads

Facebook Ads gives you access to a very specific demographic. You can choose the age, education, geographical area and work industry of your audience, which can be of a great help, if your business is providing services or products that are very age/education/location specific. However, just because the audience is in your targeted group, doesn’t mean they are also interested in the topic you are suggesting; while Google AdWords can give you access to people clearly interested in the topic, but who might not be available geographically or who don’t correspond to your target group on a different level. You can see now how promoting your business on both platforms could be most beneficial, as it covers both your target group and the group’s interests.

Immediate sale

If your business includes products or services that can be bought immediately, it is important to promote them on platforms that allow this. Both Facebook and Google AdWords offer this possibility. Think about what you are doing when you want to purchase a product online: you search on the internet for available products or services. This is where Google Ads are the best, as they will bring the results on the top of the list in the Google search. Meanwhile, Facebook Ads appear on the Facebook platform, in several different places, depending on your budget and preferences.


This one is relevant especially if you are selling services, such as consultancy and expertise. The more interactive one is Facebook, as it allows people to ask questions about the services (right in the comments), react to them (through likes) or share them further. Google AdWords allows your services to be rated or reviewed online, as a one-way feedback but doesn’t provide space for a more interactive dynamic between your business and potential clients.

Budget for Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads

Advertising price is important regardless if your business is a start-up or a successful one. Although the price for the Facebook Ads might vary according to your targeted demographic, it is still cheaper than Google Ads. To get an idea, the cost for your advertisement to reach 1.000 people is approximate as follows: Facebook 0.25$, Linked In 0.75$, Google Ads 2.75$, TV 7$, Magazine 20$, National newspapers 32$.


The main purpose of the Google Ads is to respond to a clear interest of the client into a specific topic. They are looking for X product or service on Google, your sponsored Ad will appear on top and that way you can capture traffic for your website and attempt to transform it into a sale (depending on the quality of the information and the offers you have on your website, the success rate varies).

The main purpose of the Facebook Ads is to build your brand. It happens less often that a Facebook user actually clicks on a website and stays on it long enough to convert that into a sale. What it does, though, through the information and familiarity you provide through your posts and interactivity of the comments, it’s that it creates your brand. And, the next time the user needs X product or service, he can go 2 ways: either search for it on Google or think about brands that they know that provide that product or service – this is the step where the familiarity you’ve created on Facebook will be useful.

So, the key to successful online advertising: use Facebook Ads to build your brand and Google AdWords to capture your audience’s interest. This way, when they search for what they need on Google, your ad will appear on top of the searches. This, combined with the familiarity of your brand, created on Facebook = guaranteed success!

We hope you enjoyed the topic; if you have any questions, write them in the comments section and we will get back to you!

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