Social Media For Small Business

social media for small business

Social Media For Small Business

You’ve got your business taking off and you are building up your online presence and social media. It is always difficult, but also very exciting, when you have an online baby business – because you get to create its presence from the scratch and you get the chance to do it right from the beginning.

We get many clients asking for advice on how to post on their social media and what type of content. Sometimes we help them with advice, sometimes we get hired to manage their online presence completely, other times we try to help many people at once through this type of videos and tutorials.

Use your expertise

Consultancy is (or should be) a huge part of the services you are providing for your clients. It shows that you are ready to offer a full-package deal, you have the experience and confidence to share tips and you are aware of your clients’ needs when choosing a service or product.

As you know, nowadays, people don’t have time to waste online, especially with commercials. Most people are looking for 2 things when browsing the internet: information and entertainment. The ideal would be for your company to provide high-quality content that checks both of these boxes on social media, namely offering useful information in an entertaining form.

The most appreciated types of posts on social media are photos, videos, podcasts, short tips – in this order. Skip the long explanations about how great your company is and how you do business and provide straightforward advice, tips and visual aid for your prospective clients. The rule to remember is one-in-seven: only one in seven posts can directly promote your business, the rest need to be useful information and tips. If the content is interesting and the form is entertaining, that acts as publicity for your company and people will look into your services without you talking about it very much.

What should your posts on social media be about?

The best is to use your actual business experience and provide tips based on how your services solved a number of frequent issues for various clients or how you solved one big problem for one of them, and break that down into steps.

Use conversation starters. People love to share their opinions on social media, and for you, it is also great to gain insight directly from your prospective clients. Create polls and ask open questions, so that people can weigh-in on services, products, and issues that are important to them and to your business.

Add photos, videos, infographics on the most popular social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter. Think about the number of people and what channel is most of your target group likely to use: Facebook has over 1.6 billion monthly active users, Twitter has around 320 million, LinkedIn includes 440 million professional accounts and so on. Not sure what your clients are into? Maybe it’s time to have a poll on your website or blog and ask them about their favorite social media channel.

We hope you are finding this article useful and we’d be interested to hear about your experiences with social media content in the comments section below.



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