The Facebook Category – An Essential Feature

Facebook Category

The Facebook Category – An Essential Feature

If you have a new business, or if it is just new in the online environment, you need to make it grow fast. That might be difficult if you don’t know how to optimize your Facebook Page using the Category feature. By not setting your Facebook Page Category, you’re missing out on the 1.31 billion monthly active Facebook users because they can’t find your Facebook Page when searching for your specific service, for example, a chiropractic office.

When using a general Category, such as medical services, it is less likely to be found by the interested customers who usually search for their specific issue or need. So, instead of opting for a more general label, which seems more inclusive, but actually limits your search turn-out, choose a clear, descriptive Category for your business.

In this article, I’ll show you how to change your Facebook Page Category to Chiropractor, to make it more specific and relevant to your business. This way customers can find your business on Facebook. This will also help you build your Facebook audience with the right fans and help you target your audience better. If you would like to attend a Complete Free Chiropractic Lead Generation Masterclass, you can simply Click Here.

How to Change Your Facebook Page Category to Chiropractor

Some Facebook pages already have the Chiropractor page Category. If you don’t have it on your page, watch this short video tutorial on how to change your Facebook Page Category to Chiropractor.

Here is a breakdown of the steps you need to take to change your Facebook Page Category to Chiropractor.


  1. Go to your Facebook Page

See the “About” section and go to “More” or “…”.

  1. Hover over the edit section 

Click on Edit Page info and see the General tab.

3. Change your Facebook Page Category

If you already have a Category selected on your page, change it to one that requires an address – it would be useful for your prospective customers to know where your office is. Remember to save the changes.

4. Update the address section

And, since you are at it, you should also update your address, contact number and make it clear on the map where exactly your office is located.


In just a couple of minutes, you’ve learned how to change your Facebook Page Category to Chiropractor. This can provide great benefits for your business because customers will be able to find you on Facebook faster and easier.
You’ll also show up when Facebook users are liking other related pages on Facebook, for example about Yoga and Pilates. Do you know other business owners that run their chiropractor office and could benefit from this tutorial? Be sure to share it with them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or in the comments below and tell us why you chose the option you did.

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